Kitten Love EmulatorEdit

Kitten Love Emulator (KLE) is an exploration game where you play as cats and attempt to find a way to end the game. There are no real monsters or battles, but items can be collected. Levels do seem to change as the player explores deeper.

The game supports local split screen co-op, or single player. The current beta version can be found at:

Controls Edit

Effects Edit

Worlds Edit

There are multiple interconnected worlds, the current ones found so far are:

House: Edit


House: The starting location of the game. Has connections to multiple levels

Dressup: Long hallway with a mirror and several items to put on your characters.

Cave: Large cave with a tower that can be entered.

Town: Blocky cartoonish city overrun with zombies.

Playground: Small playground with a few toys that can be interacted with.

Islands: Multiple large areas that are not obviously connected.

Temple: Aztec-like temple with multiple robots and games (Tic-tac-toe and connect four)

Mall: Blocky mall that has a fish-based spaceship up the escalators.

Beach: Oceanfront huts, a boat, and a large tower. Has a rainbow race track that can be unlocked.

Latest activityEdit

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